Why become a franchisee?

IRONTECH franchising

For years, our main aim has been to train and work alongside those wishing to grow in a young, innovative, dynamic company where the person stands right at the heart of our business, as the main tool for optimisation and success.
We see the company as the staff forming and representing it, and this is why we work together on potential and believe in the skills possessed and awaiting expression by each and every person.
Right from the basic training, we strive for and demand excellence, as our success comes through the success and consolidation of our affiliate technicians.
An Irontech affiliate technician is the partner of reference for car distributors in his area providing a door-to-door PDR service, the dent-removing system with no need for paint or body filler.
The professionalism and continuous training of our affiliate technicians have granted us an undisputed position as sector leaders for years, wherever we are present.
In addition to the quality of the process, staff professionalism, it is the service offered that is the true ace up our sleeve, so appreciated by our partners. Each and every detail has been studied to offer concrete, tangible solutions to the different needs of our customers, which, in fact, we have seen have duly repaid our efforts to provide them with the very best service over the years.

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Irontech is not for everyone

Then You have the characteristics to join our team!

What we offer:

  • Average annual turnover: € 120,000;
  • Return on investment within 3-4 months of start of business;
  • Technical training and qualification test;
  • Sales training;
  • Training and inclusion in your area (exclusive);
  • The best possible technical-commercial support with tutor technicians;
  • Customer portfolio;
  • Management software for constantly updated, innovative tax and commercial activities;
  • Administrative support;
  • Customised technical clothing;
  • Company car;
  • National marketing;


Technical training

Technical training

You will get a 8-week training course at our Padua facilities, together with students from other areas of Italy.
You will get an introduction on metal basics, a hands-on training on mock-ups, and later on cars of every model.
You will learn the Irontech PDR technology from experts with proven track record. Your learning will be assessed on a weekly basis and, at the end of the course, you will commit to high-quality standards and get the course certification, thereby becoming a Junior affiliate technician.
Only solid training will grant you the right tools to be successful in your working area.

Sales training

Sales training

Training to teach you the sales and marketing techniques needed to rapidly achieve shared objectives will complete your path.
You will learn to organise your time, guaranteeing you the opportunity to best manage and satisfy each and every customer.

Training and inclusion in your area

Training and inclusion in your area

Once training is complete, you will work alongside a Head Technician/Sales Manager in your area everyday, until you have achieved complete certainty and independence.
This allows you to gain greater familiarity with PDR technology and makes learning quicker.
You will be helped with the development and organisation of the area and supplied tools and opportunities by which to successfully achieve your objective in the short-term.


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