What is PDR?

PDR, (Paintless Dent Removal), is the automobile dent removal process without using plaster and paint but specifically designed tools.

What does Irontech do?

Irontech is a company that removes dents from automobiles.

Why Irontech?

Because its local technicians provide door-to-door PDR service to thousands of car dealers, saving them time and money while maintaining the automobile’s originality and high residual value.

How can I learn this work?

Irontech is as franchising network. When you join the network, you will attend a theoretic-practical course that teaches you all the techniques you need for this profession.

What is franchising?

Franchising (or sales partnership) is a form of continuous partnership for the distribution of goods or services between a Franchisor and one or more partners (Franchisees), legally and economically independent, who stipulate a specific contract where:
the Franchisor grants the Franchisee use of its sales formula, including the right to exploit his know-how (group of necessary techniques and knowledge) and its distinctive markings, together with other services and forms of assistance to allow the Franchisee to manage his business with the Franchisor's image.
the Franchisee agrees to incorporate the Franchisor’s sales policies and image in the reciprocal interest of the parties and end consumers, as well as according to the freely agreed contract conditions.

What does training include?

2 months at our training centre where you will be introduced to the basics of sheet metal. You will learn PDR technology.. Each week you will be evaluated and will be obliged to meet strict quality standards at the end of training to pass training and receive certification to become a Junior Partner Technician.
Next you will learn the sales and marketing techniques required to quickly achieve common goals. You will learn to organise your time to allow you the chance to best manage and satisfy all customers.
At the end of training, you will be accompanied by a local Technician/Sales manager until you achieve total security and autonomy.

How do I become an Irontech partner?

For information on how to become our Partner, write to: info@irontechitalia.com or call 0429.670604.

What areas are still free?

Click in the “join the team” area to find out which areas are still free.

Where is Irontech located?

Via G. di Vittorio, 10
35045 Ospedaletto Euganeo (Padua)
VAT and Tax code 06618770967


Piazza IV Novembre, 4
20124 Milan

How can I contact Irontech?

Enter the “contacts" area where you will find all our contact information